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Official Donaldson Filter at VIETNAM.

With more than 100 years of establishment and development, Donaldson Filter creates a variety of filter products suitable for many different applications and requirements, always ensuring the highest quality, the most advanced filter technology and the most optimized, filter life

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Filter Donaldson Vietnam has the most diverse product portfolio in Vietnam to fully meet the needs of customers.

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About Donaldson Filter

News product continuously quickly updates new product codes from Donaldson Filter to meet all needs from customers.

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Donaldson Filter is the leading filter brand in the world.


Prestigious brand

Over 100 years of construction and development, Donaldson filter brand has increasingly affirmed its unchanging position for customers.


Diverse products

Donaldson Filter is rich in products with more than 5000+ popular product codes serving on the market and constantly updating new technologies and products.


Wide application

Donaldson filters are applied in most industries such as: manufacturing, mining, engines, medical, military, automobile, construction, marine, agricultural...


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