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Lọc nhiên liệu Separ 01030

Fuel Water Separator


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Lọc nhiên liệu Separ 01030

Our most popular replacement element for the SWK2000/10 and EVO-10 range. The 30 micron is a good all round element where ultra fine filtration is not required but you want to ensure medium and large contaminates are removed. Suitable for use with SWK2000/10 and EVO-10 filters. Ensure to order 2 for a duplex.

Thương hiệu Separ
Xuất xứ
Bảo hành
Độ dài 88.8 mm (3.50 inch)
Width 88.8 mm (3.50 inch)
Height 55 mm (2.17 inch)
Efficiency 99% 30 micron
Style Box
Media Type Cellulose
Primary Application Use When Filter Housing Has No Heater
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